BLUE FIELD and RAY FIELD in Toshi Island

Toshi Island has always been a place where the Sun has been venerated, as it rises and sets. At daybreak, enjoy a shower of sun rays, and at sunset give thanks for a safe day. In Toshi Island, you can be reborn with fresh hope every morning; it’s a place to heal your soul.
Toshi Island is a “Tokowaka”, meaning: “Land of Eternal Youth”.



From Blue Field, you can see Kami-shima Island in the distance, with fishing boats sailing past. This is what a view of a beautiful island should be. The big triangle-shaped wooden deck is isolated from everyday life. We recommend you take a deep breath and listen to the sea breeze, whilst bathing in the new-born sunshine.





Ray Field’s entrance is on the skyline between Toshi and Motomori.
Walk through the woods for about 170m, and you will get to Ray Field. From Ray Field, you can gaze at the blue ocean, watch ships passing, and feel the sea breeze stroking your cheek, as you give thanks to the sun.